Cavity Prevention this Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that revolves around the consumption of candy. While a piece of candy here and there never hurt anyone (unless you have a pre-existing medical condition which prevents you from eating candy), eating too much of these sugary treats can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Taking preventative measures against cavities is always important, but especially so when large quantities of candy are being consumed. Please take a moment to review these tips on cavity prevention, brought to you by your Orange County dentist:

Brush Regularly

It’s important to brush regularly — at least twice a day — in order to maintain healthy teeth. You should use toothpaste, which contains fluoride, for the best results. Fluoride helps fight against cavities, making your teeth healthier and stronger.

Floss Daily

Food debris gets caught between your teeth whenever you eat, which is why it is important to floss daily to remove it so that you can prevent cavities from forming. It is even more vital to floss after eating candy, as the sugary, sticky residue often gets stuck between teeth and will rapidly form into cavities. Candies that contain caramel or other candy materials typically stick to your teeth, so it’s important to make sure to remove any sugary debris which may linger after the candy has been consumed.

Get Regular Checkups

You should be getting regular dental checkups, at least one every six months. Maintaining a regular checkup schedule will help ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy, and that any cavities can be taken care of right away, as soon as they are spotted by your Orange County dentist.

Candy is okay in moderation, as long as you remember to brush, floss, and maintain a regular checkup schedule. Take extra care to keep your teeth clean during the holidays — like Halloween, as this is the prime time for cavities to form.