Can Crooked Teeth Impact Your Career?

No employer or potential employer is going to tell you that you need to get your teeth fixed in order to get the job or excel in your current position. However, you can bet that any professional position is going to require a certain type of professionalism that includes good oral hygiene. Because of the way people are wired, your teeth can have an enormous impact on the way that people view your hygiene habits. Good brushing habits are important, as are regular cleanings, but so is the placement of your teeth. For whatever reason, people often equate crooked teeth with poor dental hygiene, and professional employers may be the worst for having these views.

Maybe you want to get braces, but you feel like you are too old, or maybe you are just embarrassed about wearing braces in general. Unless you have your teeth all extracted and replaced with implants, braces may be your only option. It’s time to consider Newport Beach Invisalign as an option. Invisalign offers you a way to have your teeth straightened without the old metal brackets. In fact, these type of braces are often referred to as “invisible braces” because you can’t really see them unless you are looking for them. Using this method to straighten your teeth will not only improve your chances of getting the job you want; it also decreases your overall anxiety about braces, and the appearance of your teeth, in general.