Are You Smiling?
You look at your calendar and see the date circled in red. “It is almost time for the annual family portrait again,” you mumble to yourself. Every year, you and your family head down to the lake with a photographer. It is the perfect spot for a good shot for the family holiday card.

But you know exactly how you are going to smile for this picture. You have it perfectly rehearsed. The photographer says “smile” and you purse your lips together and the corners of your mouth lift. No teeth show—you can’t risk slippage with your dentures. “Oh well,” you sigh. “There’s nothing I can do about these teeth.”

But with the latest in dental technology, there is something you can do to get the smile that you have always dreamed about. Dental implants allow for you to have a permanent solution for missing teeth or dentures. And with Dr. Kurt Schneider in your Newport Beach area, you have a skilled dentist to ensure that your smile can be at its brightest.

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Dental Implants and You
A dental implant is simply a “root substitute” for a tooth. For each tooth that is missing, an implant is placed within your jawbone. These implants remain under the surface of your gums for 4 to 6 months. During this time, the implants gradually fuse to your jawbone to form a strong base.

After each implant has bonded to the bone, Dr. Schneider attaches small posts to the implants which serve as anchors for the replacement of each missing tooth. All that is left to do is to attach prosthetic teeth onto the posts. And ta-da! Your teeth are now restored to their full function and appearance.

With dental implants, your entire smile is transformed. No longer do you have to worry about missing teeth or dentures slipping. Instead, you can smile fully because you know that you have a beautiful set of teeth. Your speech can even be improved with the replacement of missing teeth, so you can speak freely as well!

Not only are the esthetic features of dental implants noteworthy, but the durability of the implants also is significant. Your oral health can improve with the replacement of missing teeth, and you no longer have to worry about removing and cleaning your dentures. Also, you can feel free to eat normally with chewing improved as well.

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Could Dental Implants be Right for Me?
If you think that dental implants might be a good fit for you, then give Dr. Kurt Schneider a call at 877-866-6324! All dental implant consultations are complimentary, and during the meeting, Dr. Schneider will discuss all of your tooth replacement options.

You deserve to have a beautiful smile. Call Dr. Kurt Schneider today to learn how you can smile with confidence again!

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