When you think of braces, you might think back to your teen years when all your friends had their teeth wrapped in metal brackets that seemed to fill their mouths. Kids may have made fun of them, while other kids envied them, because they were embarrassed of their own teeth. You very rarely think of adults with braces, because you rarely see them. That does not mean you do not know an adult who could benefit from some significant adjustments to their teeth.

This Christmas you might consider offering a loved one the option of Newport Beach Invisalign. This is a whole new method of straightening teeth that does not offer ways to promote embarrassment. If anything, going through the process will build self-esteem, as the recipient of the gift realizes they are getting closer to a straight, beautiful smile every day.

Newport Beach Invisalign offers options for adults to get their teeth straightened without ugly metal brackets that hurt the inside of the mouth and which can cause attention to be drawn to someone who is already sensitive about their appearance. The fact is that most people will never know that any kind of cosmetic dentistry is taking place, unless they happen to notice that the person is smiling more, and, as they do so, that their teeth seem to be straighter than they were before. Braces are not just for teens and kids, anymore. Just don’t be surprised if the very thought of getting their teeth straightened has your loved one grinning from ear to ear through the holidays!