Dental cleaning is a type of preventive treatment that you need to undergo on an annual basis. This can help prevent tooth decay and other types of dental problems.

Initially, the Mission Viejo dentist will perform a generalized assessment of your oral cavity, your head, as well as your neck. This will help the dentist zero in on the problems that he or she may need to address. This is especially true if the problems are already present. Also, this will help the dentist prioritize the problems that need treatment first.

After the initial evaluation, the dentist will measure and check the gum pockets for possible presence of plaque. Plaque and tartar are then removed. More plaque is removed from the teeth through polishing and treatment of mild teeth stains. Finally, another examination is conducted for the areas that were initially checked out before the cleaning procedure.

If you want to know more about the cleaning processes that your teeth should undergo, you should seek consultation with Mission Viejo dentist, Dr. Kurt Schneider. You can give his office a call at anytime to schedule an initial consultation.